<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/12/40/52/63/00/170609110530.jpg?t=1544575450"><br>Established business opportunities with immediate growth potential are not around every corner. Here is one where the hard work of set-up and launch is not only done, but is already commercially self-sustaining. It&rsquo;s a business scenario waiting to be nurtured into the next level. It all started with Pauleen Sullivan. Nicknamed the &lsquo;Palm Queen&rsquo; by the International Palm Society and a lifelong collector of rare palms, Pauleen chose this sunny eastern flank of the island of Hawaii to establish a six-acre garden of rare palms from around the world. As these palms have matured, the garden has become an international resource. Upon this slate, the current owner set his impressive energies to building a self-contained resort with just the right mix of seclusion and luxury to attract visitors from all corners of the globe. Four bamboo guest houses were built (two, three-bedroom and two, one-bedroom). Each house was tastefully decorated in romantic and tropical themes. Central to the complex, a saltwater swimming pool and a bamboo &lsquo;halau&rsquo; was built for yoga, evening socials and invitational events. There is very smart infrastructure behind the public face of this tropical enterprise. A sophisticated, solar-powered electrical system, coupled with state-of-the-art battery technology, is fully integrated with super-efficient lighting and appliances throughout the complex. Green waste from the palms is composted to make new soil. With a natural passion toward the efficient, ecologically sound and technologically advanced, the owner has already branded &lsquo;Kipuka&rsquo; as an eco-savvy resort. The world-wide palm society network coupled with the owner&rsquo;s imaginative social networking has already garnered New York Times and Los Angeles Times praise for the business and has a set the stage, establishing Kipuka as unique destination for a hell-heeled and sophisticated clientele. The resort has its own inherent growth potential by growing occupancy, a potential for rate increases, and there is room for additional guest houses. Area attractions, including Volcano National Park, live lava flows, Ahalanui Warm Ponds, and Kapoho Tide Pools, lend strong support to this business opportunity. In just one and a half years the business has surpassed the point of sustainability and a significant margin remains for additional growth. <br>